yoon doojoon: I would get a “love-at-first-sight” feeling, she would look calm and naive on the outside, but tough and tomboyish, I want to be able to watch soccer games with her (Heo Gayoon, Hyoyeon, Yoon Seungah)

yang yoseob: Cute with long hair, 160~2cm in height and is able to laugh with me / share the same humor code (IU)

yong junhyung: Pretty, tall, and silm, but also glamourous. Her face is small and has black hair that is viewable from the back. It would be nice if she has a nice personality, but if she is cold she just has to be nice to me

lee kikwang: Kind hearted with big eyes, sexy style, her face would be round with baby fat on her cheeks, beautiful smile, someone who can make him protein shakes after working out (Jeon Hyosung, Hyuna)

jang hyunseung: Pretty shaped head, pale skin with big eyes (double eye lid), slim and tall around 170cm (Lee Minjung)

son dongwoon: Long hair, looks good with top of hair tied up and bottom half down, pretty smile with kind personality, can communicate with her well (Narsha)

note: This is a complied information of all the various interviews/shows about their ideal types. The specific female stars have been mentioned via interviews/shows as well. Please do not use the information in a bad way.


Credits:  YONGISM
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits


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