[NEWS] 130719 BEAST’s Shadow is currently booming into popularity. ( Extract)

BPd5oEqCMAQ_L2e.jpg large


(The article talked about BEAST’s album pre-sales charted first on Japan Tower Records, Shadow’s contents, Yong JunHyung’s production… which can be found on most articles in LIDC.. so I won’t touch it =/ .. I’ll focus on some comments by netizens mentioned in the article~)

– “I know it’s a Daebak-day for BEAST’s Shadow”,
– “Popular in Japan, Popular in Korea, BEAST has taken over both worlds”,
– “I’ll listen it with all faith. BEAST”
– “Hope to see BEAST’s new stage soon”
– “It’s tomorrow, finally BEAST is coming back”
– “Each and everyone of BEAST are good, but I hope to see one whole BEAST soon”
– “I think Shadow will fix BEAST’s colors”
– “The members really participated a lot in the album this time round.. I’m really anticipating it.”
– “The best male idol BEAST, they’ll make a daebak comeback in Korea, Japan and everywhere else.”

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201307182018552310
Trans: MrsDooB2uty

Shared by: BEASTportugal


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