[NEWS] BEAST Makes a Big Return with Its ′Beautiful Show′ Concert




The wait was long, but B2ST′s comeback concert showed the wait wasn′t in vain.

The B2ST that made its return this weekend from July 20-21 with its exclusive concert 2013 Beautiful Show showed that it had grown much during the past year it had been on hiatus in Korea.

The show started with the group′s Iris 2 OST Black Paradise to excited cheers from the 25,000 fans gathered in the venue.

B2ST′s charismatic performances of Midnight and Breath then followed, letting fans drink in the sight of the group performing together with a fire show that burst onstage.

The members said during the concert, “We′ve made our fans wait for too long. We have a lot of things prepared, and we′re bursting to show you. We′ll make sure you have fun today.”

Of course, fans were most touched at how the B2ST members had grown during their individual promotions, along with their teamwork.

The performance of It′s Not Me, in which Jang Hyun Seung managed to stun with his solo part, followed by those of The Day You Rest with its surprising stage effects and When I Miss You, Will You Be Alright? showed just how colorful B2ST′s musical spectrum was.

Its promotional singles Beautiful Night, Beautiful, Fiction and Shock had fans singing along, while Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung′s first performance of their unit song I Am a Man surprised fans with their show of skill.

Solo performances were also put on the stage, as Yang Yo Seop performed his solo singles Caffeine and Look At Me Now, Son Dong Woon performed In the Cloud, Lee Gi Kwang performed his former pieces released as AJ – Wipe the Tears and Dancing Shoes – and Jang Hyun Seung showed off his performances of Don′t Judge Me and #1 Supplier.

The highlight amidst all this, however, was the group′s performance of its new songs. Fans had especially been looking forward to the concert because of this. Considering how idols usually reveal their performances to the public through televised music shows, it seemed to be a move that was considerate toward fans, letting them enjoy the new performances first.

Shadow and more from B2ST′s second studio album were promptly put onstage this day, turning up the temperature in the venue and leaving fans with memories to take home.

B2ST will next continue to promote its new album on music shows.


Credits: mwave
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com
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