[NEWS] BEAST and More to Join Kim Jang Hoon′s ′Gyeonggi-do DMZ Concert′




Ahn Sung Ki, B2ST, Choi Min Soo′s Band 36.5, f(x) and more stars will be participating in the Gyeonggi-do DMZ Concert, a concert produced by singer Kim Jang Hoon.

Kim Jang Hoon revealed to enews on July 23 the first lineup list for his Gyeonggi-do DMZ Concert.

The list includes B2ST, f(x), Girl′s Day, Choi Min Soo′s Band 36.5, Ahn Sung Ki and rookie K-Hunter.A rep from Concert World, Kim Jang Hoon′s concert agency, said, “We plan to continue to add to the lineup by inviting about 10 more figures from various areas. We′ll announce the second lineup list on July 24, the day of the press conference. The second list will mostly include people who contribute a lot to the meaning of the concert and overseas artists. After the press conference, we will launch a global promotion for the concert through online and offline means.”

The rep also said, “The press conference will mostly be about how we prepared for the DMZ Concert and it will provide previews into what′s in store. Kim Jang Hoon will explain what′s to be entertaining as well as the meaning behind the concert, along with issues surrounding North and South Korea. Kim Jang Hoon contacted cultural art groups in North Korea to make this peace concert a real one, and he′ll brief everyone on the process and the results.”

“Of course, we talked it over with authorities about this, and since Kim Jang Hoon has never been seen speaking about North and South Korea issues, you can take it to mean that Kim Jang Hoon is aiming to do more with this concert than make it a mere show,” the rep finished.


Kim Jang Hoon also commented through Concert World, “For every press conference, I′ve spoken whatever came to my mind with a mike in my hand. It′s not that I wasn′t prepared; I did it that way because I wanted to be sincere. At one point, though, I started to think it would′ve looked more like a lecture than a conference. My upcoming conference will be more like a well-prepared show. I′ll cover my points in a video, and make it short, meaningful and elaborate.”

The Gyeonggi-do DMZ Concert is set to take place on August 3 with free admission. Kim Jang Hoon will return to America to continue his tour in the country after the concert.


Credits: enews
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