[NEWS] 130726 Yoseob’s Rice wreaths are donated to Flood victims

Beast Group member Yang Yoseob donated 1 ton rice wreaths (package) etc to a total of 2.74 tons of rice to Gangwon province Chuncheon-si for the residents living in the area damaged by the flood.

It has been revealed that the rice wreaths donated in support of Yang Yoseob for the 2013 Beast Concert, according to Yoseob’s requests: 1 ton (1000kg) has been delivered to Toegye-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea for the flood victims, 500kg to Society welfare center Seungawon (for disabled children), 500kg to Yeouldol, a support organization for victims of rare and incurable diseases, 740kg to Seoul Shinchon Church on the 26th of July.

The 2.74 tons of Dreame rice wreaths have been donated by international fans in support of Yang Yoseob for the ‘2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW’ held on the 20th and 21st July.

Dreame Rice, visited Chuncheon-si’s deputy mayor with the rice wreaths in place of Yang Yoseob. The deputy mayor responded, ‘This 1 ton of rice kindly donated by Yang Yoseob and fans will be a huge source of strength to our residents,’ and ‘please send our heartfelt regards’.


The Dreame Rice wreaths donated in Yang Yoseob’s name (by korean and international fans) began in 2010 Dec for BEAST’s Concert, followed by 2011 Feb for BEAST’s Encore concert, similarly in March for ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song’ musical, as well as August’s Cube Concert, 2012 Jan Yoseob’s birthday, Feb BEAST Concert, November Yoseob’s solo album congratulations, last Feb for United Cube Concert, last May for Caffeine Japanese release, 10 donations up till now accumulated to 8.465 tons of Dreame rice wreaths, and a total of 1550 order slips made in support of Yang Yoseob, as well as charity effort as a preventive measure against famine, through Nowongu, Dobonggu, to donate rice and coal to areas in need. 8.465tons in terms of 20kg is distributable to 423 parties and can feed a total of 70,000 persons for a single meal.


What is dreame?

* dreame?

  • The Dreame is a rice wreath for cheer for singer and actor in musicals, concerts, showcases, fan meeting, drama press conference, birthday parties, weddings and celebrations that appeared on.
  • The Dreame wreath will do cheer for the singer and actor on event..
  • Singer and actor will specify poor neighbors,the Dreame will donate rice to poor neighbors by the name of singer and actor after that appeared on event.
  • The Dreame is cheering for the singer and actor and is a gift to help farmers and poor neighbors.



Via: b2stera.tumblr.com



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