[VID] 130720/21 Beautiful Show 2013: Fiction + Talk Translation


Kikwang: If we were to point out the most nerve-wracking point in this year’s Beautiful Show I’d have to say it’s our performance for Shadow which we’ve never shown before. After we finished that performance, we’re now closer to the end

Junhyung: It’s been so long since we’ve seen everyone so we were all very nervous. And because it’s been so long, it felt really good to see everyone. Now that we’re near the end…we don’t have many performance left so, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the stages. Thank you.

Hyunseung: It’s been a while since I stood in front of everyone like this…why are you about to cry? We still have a few of stages left, it’s also been a long time since I’ve stood on a huge concert stage like this. Being able to meet everyone makes me extremely nervous, even now I’m nervous. I’m feeling so many emotions right now, I’m at a loss of words. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their time here at Beautiful Show.

Kikwang: I think Yoseob is really touched by everyone’s love

Yoseob: A year…is a very long time…having an unchanging heart and giving us love up right till the end, thank you so much. We’re sorry for the long hiatus. During our promotion period, BEAST will work hard to repay as much love as you have given to us. Thank you.

Kikwang: Like Yoseob said, we made you wait for a long time, but you filled this large stadium, and you cheered for our every movement and song. Thank you so much for supporting us. For this album and our next album I hope that many people love us until the end. I feel just as touched as Yoseobie. Thank you.

Doojoon: First of all, having a precious time like this after a year and 6 months, I left a post on twitter yesterday as well but, for the B2UTYs who made this happen, thank you so much and I love you a lot. I hope we become a group that can give you many things. We will work hard so watch over us and starting next week we will be performing on music shows so please support us together. However even while supporting us, be B2UTYs that are diligent in your studies okay? I love you.

Dongwoon: It was really really hard for the six of us this time. Up till right before this (concert), it was really really hard for us that we had nightmares every night. Even when sleeping, it was hard. But today seeing everyone like this, really, that thought hasn’t come even once. Thank you so much for supporting us so much. Not long ago, while lying down I just thought about what fans meant to me. So early in the morning I came to a conclusion that they are people who made our dreams come true. Us 6 members can’t make everyone’s dreams come true but we will become people who support you during your hard times and struggles that will come.

Junhyung: Today for 2013 Beautiful Show, there are many thankful people who helped made this concert possible. Please give a round of applause for the band hyungs at the back who provided awesome music.

Hyunseung: And of course we cannot forget these people. Korea’s best dancers, Prepix and Star System. Thank you so much

Dongwoon: The atmosphere right now is really…(down) but, we still have a few performances left so please enjoy until the end.

When taking out in parts or in full, please credit accordingly as B2STIZEN.wordpress.com


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