[FANACC] 130802 Cube Cafe Fansigning


Today’s fan sign order [Doojoon-Yoseob-Hyunseung-Junhyung-Kikwang-Dongwoon]


Yoon Doojoon

DJ: Hello ~ Are you Haein (fan’s name) (continues to sign)

Fan: Um…Oppa… you are really tired these days right…. I think you have something (spirit) stuck in your body

DJ: Huh? You can see that stuff too?? Do I really have some spirit stuck in my body??

Fan: I think you have the “ma” evil spirit in you…

DJ: (Taps Yoseob) Yah, what do I do (starts to panic)

Fan: Charis-ma… (after saying she moves to the next person)

Yang Yoseob

YS: Hello~ Haeinie~ (starts signing) – To be honest I didn’t prepare a adlib for Yoseob oppa… but because I did one for Doojoon oppa next to him he looked back at me with eyes asking if I had one for him so I thought of one for him at the spot

Fan: Oppa what’s your name?

YS: (Looking at him with the confirmation that he is 100% right) Yang Yoseob!!!!!!!

Fan: Ah…. that’s not it…

YS: What??? Hmm?????? What is it!!! (bangs on the desk)

Fan: Not telling you

Jang Hyunseung

We were lining up in their practice room and when my eyes met his, he looked at him and waved back

HS: (continued to sign without a word, after signed he looked back at me hoping that I had an adlib prepared for him) – To be honest, I couldn’t say anything the moment I saw Hyunseung oppa because he was so pretty. But I felt the need to say something so I did

Fan: Oppa

HS: What? (with anticipation in his eyes)

Staff: Please continue to move~ The end

Yong Junhyung

JH: (smiling shyly) Haeinie? haha (signing)

Fan: (giving him a gift) Oppa… this for you..

JH: Thank you hahaha

He was lending out his hand to give me a photo book, but his hand had been placed on top of mine on the process

Lee Kikwang

KK: Haeinie hello ~ (continues to sign)

Fan: (prepares for another adlib) Oppa…your armpit hair in the sticker photo you took with Yoseob oppa….

KK: (starts shaking his head) Ah~ I can’t hear you ~ nope ~ nope ~ sorry ~ sorry ~ sorry ~

Fan: (bursts out in laughter)

Son Dongwoon

DW: Haeinie~~~~~ (starts signing)

Fan: Yes kekekekekeke (gives him the gift)

DW: Thank you ~~~

I was going to say an adlib, but the staff unnie had said “please leave quickly”  and right after I turned around to leave I hear him say

DW: Hull it’s a fan, fan hurry, hull it feels so nice


Source: rkskek1016
Credits : B2STIZEN
Shared by : eliza@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits.


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