[INFO] 130804 BEAST’s Twitter Update


@B2stGK: 우리 막내..키는 가장 크지만 가장 귀여운 우리 막내..자는모습 너무 귀엽죠 발모양..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ우쭈쭈

@B2stGK: Our Maknae .. He’s the biggest (tallest) among us but he’s our cute maknae.. His sleeping position is so cute isn’t it Look at his foot..ㅋㅋO cchuuchuu *baby noises*


@B2stGK: 긱왕2

[TRANS] @B2stGK: Gikwang2
@BeeeestDJ: 오늘 인기가요!!!!!너무너무 감사합니당!!본방부터 사후녹화 와준븉이들 땡큐 !!!!ㅋㅋㅋ일요일 좋은 마무리하세여뿅

[TRANS] @BeeeestDJ Today’s Inkigayo!!!!!Really really thank you!!From live broadcast to post recording, B2UTYs who came thank you !!!!kkk It’s Sunday Do end (your weekend) well Bbyong


@B2stGK: 고마운 뷰티!!수상소감이 너무 정신 없어서 말 못햇어요 뷰티때매 받을수 있었던 상입니다 고마워요!!!^^~~~

[TRANS] @B2stGK: Thankful(?) B2UTY!!During the acceptance speech I was really lacking of spirit so I was speechless We’re able to receive this award thanks to B2UTYs Thank you!!!^^~~~


Trans: MYB2UTY

Shared by: BEASTportugal


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