@beastdw: 고베 팬분들 고맙습니다!!!!!!!!뷰티풀 무대때 공을 2층에던지려고 세게던졌는데 스탠딩으로 꽂혀가지고 맞으신팬분..진심으로 죄송합니다ㅜㅜ 이트윗번역해서 꼭좀 돌아다니게해주세요 넘죄송스러워서ㅠㅠ

@beastdw: Kobe fans thank you!!!!!!!!During the Beautiful Show stage I tried to throw the balls to level 2 as hard as I could, so those fans in the standing area who got struck by them..I’m truly very sorryㅜㅜPlease translate this tweet and let them know I’m very sorryㅠㅠ

@beastdw: 일욜부터 감기때매 고생했지만 이젠 다 극복!!! 조증올라와따 http://t.co/cHY6OAkvQ0

@beastdw: Was tough cuz I caught a cold since Sunday but now I’m all recovered!!! Sickness overcame


Trans : B2STera
Credits : MY CUBΞ Family
Shared by : eliza@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits.


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