[INFO] 130810 BEAST Twitter Update



@BeeeestDJ: Yegoyego today was really hot at Sokcho right?? Thanks, please return back to home and have a rest, bye our Sokcho B2UTY!!

@B2stGK: 속초 여러분 감사합니다!!^_^~~~~~~~~~!!

@B2stGK: Everyone from Sokcho thank you !!^_^~~~~~~~~!!

@BeeeestDJ: @Joker891219 지만 뽀샤시????????????????

@BeeeestDJ: @Joker891219 So you’re the one who was really dazzling????????????????
(note: he means, Junhyung is the clearest in pic)

@Joker891219: @BeeeestDJ 아닌데 너가 워낙 까매서 그래^^

@Joker891219: @BeeeestDJ Nope, you are the one who is originally black^^

@BeeeestDJ: @Joker891219 저 앞에 보이는 너의 뒤통수를 쭈쭈바로 때릴까…..고민된다…

@BeeeestDJ: @Joker891219 Shall i hit your head which is infront of me right now…..I am considering it…


Credits: B2STRules
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits


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