[NEWS] 130813 Lee Gikwang reveals “Son Dongwoon, in love with Duty free shop’s Banana popsicle”




BEAST appeared on MBC FM4U ‘Afternoon’s hopeful song with Kim Shin Young’ on the 13th.

There the MC Kim Shinyoung asked if Beast regularly go overseas, Jang Hyunseung replied ‘Within 2 weeks we flew 3 times to Japan.’ to which was countered with ‘I guess you must have accumulated a lot of mileage!’ Yoon Doojoon quips “Well, we’ve accumulated just about enough mileage to fly round the globe once” causing bursts of laughter.

In particular, Lee Gikwang brings up ‘Son Dongwoon does a lot of shopping at duty free shops. He likes the Banana popsicle the most’. Dongwoon replies ‘One had cream filling and one had strawberry filling. It was the first time I knew about the strawberry filling. So I bought both in the end.”

The things Son Dongwoon bought at the duty free raised some concerns as well. Son Dongwoon, “I bought them with Yong Junhyung” and appeared to dodge the question.


Credits: B2STera
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits


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