[INFO] 130818 BEAST’s twitter update

@B2stGK: AJ 1600일이디아 우와!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!앗!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[TRANS] @B2stGK: AJ 1600 days anniversary WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@BeeeestDJ: 으헷 오늘 인기가요 본방와주신븉들고마워염!!! 아..덥다…덥다덥다….다들 꿀같은 일요일을 즐겨!!!!!!!!!!

[TRANS] @BeeeestDJ: Eheh b2uts who watched Inki thank you!!! Ah so hot… hot hothot.. everyone have a honey-like fun sunday!!!!!!!!!!


@B2stGK: 고마워요 오늘 감기 기운때문에 뭔가가 힘들었지만..ㅎ우리 보러와줘서 고마워요!^^ㅎㅎ즐거운 주말 보내요!!!~~

[TRANS] @B2stGK: Thanks all.. I was struggling cause of a flu today.. heh thanks for coming down to see us, thank you!^^ hehe have a fun weekend!!!~~



Trans: B2STera

SHared by: BEASTportugal


Please take out with full credits


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