[INFO] 130825 Dujun’s post on fancafe (FROM BEAST)

Title: Aigogogo…
It has ended ㅠㅠ… ㅋㅋㅋ I come to the official cafe often.. but it’s just to watch things so I’m writing this in a long time ..

I’m sorry for only leaving messages in such at official/formal manner everyday..
The official cafe is more important than anything else… But it has become so neglected.. Heuk..

Anyway!!…. For the five weeks, it has been very happy/blissful!!!!!

It’s great that the results were good that anyone was looking for, rather than the trophies from the activities this time round, I’ve the feeling that I’ve learnt and gained more. This is heartfelt!

This, as compared to other activities, we weren’t able to meet much, with everyone else.

Other than the broadcasts that we have been so busy with, practically (none)… There wasn’t even time to greet (you).. It’s quite a pity.

So we are more (than) sorry to everyone. At fansigns, recordings, after-recordings, when we see you people who look at us and like us, I, too, follow suit, and my mood becomes better; this amazed me too.. Rather than other idols who are really suave you have (chosen to) like us, this itself I’m really thankful for that.. And, really, this promotion period is a time that made us have various thoughts, isn’t it.

Though that, there are many various/grand schedules that are remaining, right?? For the moment, there’s the Incheon K-wave concert.. variety programs that were pushed back, we should be doing those too! There’s also the Busan concert! And fansigns in other cities!

We will be meeting you through such and such, so don’t be too sad!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Now, the schools are reopening for the students so tidy up the thoughts you have for (us) Oppas and pay attention to your school work and we will be back with our album again, right???!!!

Really, thank you!! During the 5 weeks, I think I’ve said this more than a hundred times but there isn’t a single time it has been a lie!!

Again, for making this suave/cool memory in my life, thank you.. Thank you and thank you and thank you and thank you.

To be able to approach B2uties more closely… and the ones who give unfriendly looks to those who say they like Beast, we will attempt to make them like us and become more suave/cooler and come back.

The B2uties too, as much as you love Beast, hope you become the one that loves yourself as well as your friends and families just as much!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credits: xiangie0105
Shared by: pedro@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits


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