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[The powerful scuffle scene with Lee Bumsoo is a must-watch scene!]]
[Popular idol group BEAST’s leader – Yoon Doojoon, has showed a new side while acting as Seo Hyunwoo in the drama IRIS 2 through his charismatic acting. Doojoon has debut in acting through the sitcom “All My Love” in 2010, but this is the first time he is officially acting in a drama.]

Doojoon: The role that I played Seo Hyunwoo is an elite agent in NSS, so firstly to properly showcase how an agent is, I’ve put effort into every expression/look and movement. And also, whenever there are action scenes, I’ve tried my best to show how a capable agent will be.

[Doojoon, who felt envious of Hyunwoo while acting as him]

Doojoon: There are practically nothing in common between me and Hyunwoo. Hyunwoo is an elite and has a good character (laughs). So I was really envious of Hyunwoo. Also, he loved Ji Sooyeon (Lee Dahae) till the very end, that is something very appealing.

[Hyunwoo was a sharp shooter and in order to portray as such, he learnt martial arts/action.]

Doojoon: I attended action school for 6 months and even when to the shooting range to practice shooting. Especially during action scenes, one can easily get injured, so I worked hard not to get injured but also, in order to portray the scenes realistically – that was something difficult. But after I’ve tried it, it’s interesting. While watching the filmed scenes, there are times I’ve felt overwhelmed too.

[In the show, there was an intense scuffle scene between Yoo Joongwon, played by Lee Bumsoo, and Hyunwoo.]

Doojoon: I still remember now the scene with Joongwon, shot in Cambodia. The weather was really hot, and actually Bumsoo-sunbae was injured in an accident as well. Because, during an overseas shooting we have to finish it within a limited time, there was no time to test out and we had to shoot under adverse conditions, it was really difficult/tough.

[[A production which was completed with the support of his seniors and peers]]
[Though in this film the image of action scenes is really strong and not much romance, but the scene where Hyunwoo was worried for Sooyeon left a strong impression.]

Doojoon: There was a scene where Hyunwoo went to the amusement park with Sooyeon, but we went there in the state after which we had filmed into wee hours of the night, so actually I was tired. However, since it had been a long time since I had been to the amusement park, after collecting myself together, we had lots of fun. (laughs) The scenes with Sooyeon are all etched in my mind, but, in whichever scene, I really pitied Hyunwoo who could only stay by Sooyeon’s side, and while acting, my heart ached for him.

[Also, through Jang Hyuk, Lee Dahae, Lee Bumsoo etc. seniors’ acting, it helped him to study (acting)].

Doojoon: The seniors made the environment one in which I could act comfortably in so that I would not feel burdened and could learn as I was filming.

[And also, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, who played Yoon Shihyuk, was a substantial presence to him.]

Doojoon: I am close with Lee Joon-hyung so when we could work together, it was a strong (combination). Although we didn’t speak much about acting, Lee Joon-hyung has experience in acting, so while watching him, I’ve learnt a lot. We tease/laugh with each other on the set as well (laughs). Thanks to him, it was fun on set.

[What are members’ thoughts on Doojoon’s acting work?]

Doojoon: Their thoughts were things like “the drama is interesting” or “work hard!” (laughs). However when I had problems regarding acting, the members lent a listening ear, so it was support (to me).

[The staff who were shocked by Doojoon’s steady acting from the first half. He who was surprised, “Really?” when asked if the viewers also had positive remarks.]

Doojoon: When I’ve been told like that, I’m happy, but since I’ve only just started acting, there are many aspects in which I’m lacking in so I need to work harder at those. IRIS 2 is a production which I could learn many things. I’m really thankful that I could act in it.

[Lastly, he gave his thanks to his Japanese fans.]

Doojoon: Thanks for receiving us with warm welcome whenever we visit Japan. In future, I’ll work harder to portray a better/more save image.


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