[INFO] 131009 BEAST @ Tokyo FM「Skyrocket company」Shibuya Spain-zaka Studio



1) A Japanese fan sent in a note saying she’s studying in Korea now,why are they in Japan. And the boys laughed while Seobie yelled Sorry! LOL

2) Dongwoon thinks the professional one around him is Jun, cause his works are getting known by people nowadays, and he’s been fishing lately.

3) The boys brought stuff from.Fukuoka for the hosts (and lucky winners) and some.contain their signatures *-*

4) DJ: We are thankful for the very warm welcome that we receive whenever we come, so we shall work hard to be a better “BiSeuTo”

5) Dj: (in Japanese) Japanese fans, we shall go and meet you again. See you next time!

6) YS: it will be winter soon so please have more water.



1. Everyone introduced themselves as “I’m XXX, please take good care of me.” but Seobie who is slightly better in his Japanese skills, went, “It’s been a long time right? This is Yoseoppu!”

2. Host 1: looking at such a (small) distance from my view, these 6 suave people, it’s just a sight.
Host 2: So pretty/beautiful, slightly~ (laughs)
DJ: (in Japanese) ahhh~ Thank you~
Host 1: this feels like it is like a scene out of the Japanese game Final Fantasy
Beast: ah ah~ (laughs)
JH: (yells in colloquial Japanese) Great!!

3. Host: Yoseob came here before the last time and did have fun right?
YS: Yes~
Host: So after that he went back to Korea and told the rest to appear on the show together right?
YS: Yes yes yes~ (hand gestures)
Host: So you enticed/invited everyone?
YS: *nods*
Host: Let’s thank Yoseob
-Seobie goes round patting Doojoon and Dongwoonie and Jun pats him on his back too-

4. Host: Is there such kind of studio in Korea as well? (where the fans can see the artistes live on the show)
YS: (in Japanese) There is such kind of studio in Korea as well, but it’s not so close.
DJ: (nods, adds in Japanese) It’s not close..
Host: so how is it approximately?
YS: (in Korean) about….. (in Japanese) ten? (gestures the distance)

Host: this is just about 50 centimetres
YS: (in Japanese) I was shocked.
Host: so we change/move the fans intermittently.
DW: (in Korean) this is very interesting/new.

5. DJ: (in Japanese) We are really tensed/nervous, but we’re really happy. Really~
Host: when Dongwoon lifted up his hand (sign), the fans screamed.
Host: so when are you nervous?
DJ: (in Japanese) Everyday
YS: (in Japanese) Now, right!!**
Host: wow you’ve really fast/good sense~ Thank you~

6. Host: where is the place you’re most interested in now?
JH: (in Japanese) Odaiba’s… Joy…po…liseu…?
Host: Ah Joypolis! So what is it at Joypolis that you’re so interested in?
JH: (looks at Gikwang, in Japanese) Game………
Host: Horror house?
Beast: Yeah yeah horror house!
DJ: Sadako sadako!!!

7. A note came in from a Japanese fan asking what is the first hiragana they’ve learnt, and what are the most difficult ones?
YS: Ah.
-pause silence-
Host: A,E,I,O,U and that’s why AH?
Beast: -LOL-
YS: Ne….
DJ: Ne. Wa. Re.
Host: They look alike right.
DJ: (in Korean) Yeah. That’s why, really, I’ve mixed them up.

8. JH: (in Korean) The fish that I’ve caught most recently is a catfish.
Host: Does that live in the sea or river?
JH: (in Korean) River.
Host: that’s suave.

9. Host: Yoseob is a regular here (so let’s have him say something)
YS: (in Japanese) Thank you. (in Korean) This is the second time, but everytime I’m here, you’ve made the mood very well/fun and the fans always come to see us, so thank you.

10. Host: Gikwang-san, how has it been, today?
GK: (in Korean) To have fans this close, it’s new/interesting. It was fun during this time, so if we are given a chance the next time, I want to come here again.

11. (random sighting from the video) Doojoonie was so kind; when the staff that came in halfway was on her way out, the translator nearly closed the door fully on her while the staff was still talking (unknowingly) and Doojoonie immediately reached out, wanted to stop the door from closing on her. *-*

** Right now! – it’s a phrase that the boys have been using recently at their Japanese concerts that originates from a Japanese TV personality.
*** Sankyu = thank you in informal language in Japan


Credits: xiangie0105;
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com
Please take out with full credits


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