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Q: Tell us about the basics of Beast. What do you think is the charm point of Beast?
DW: I think each member of the six of us carries a different charm. The music we like are different, but we also have different characters. I think when we are put together as one, the synergetic effect is something that cannot be achieved/made besides by Beast.
YS: I think it’s our live ability. Although I sing/do live, but there are many times when I really think/feel that, “Beast is a group really good at lives.”.

Q: Ah, when we talk about live (stages), Lightless is a song when the audience switches off the rose light stick when the song starts. To be able to see such a sight, I think it can only be seen at Beast’s performance. It’s a very beautiful moment.
DJ: That’s right! It’s a very beautiful sight.

Q: Through what chance was that done?
YS: During our preparation for the first concert, we had the thought “It will be good if we could do something together with the audience.”, and Lightless meant “without light”, we wanted to try what it will be like if during the song, the lights were turned off. After trying it out, the response was good. It’s something that we cannot do without at our Beautiful Show (concerts).

Q: So, what about the songs?
JH: The songs are comfortable to listen to, it’s not limited to being “this is Beast’s songs’ genre, this is Beast’s style”. This means that it’s not just the songs, but also performances that are aligned with the songs. We work hard to make songs that anyone is able to listen to the songs comfortably and understand them easily.

Q: Amidst this, it seems like sad/emotional and growth-reflecting(?) songs are Beast’s forte/niche.
DW: There are cheerful and fun songs amongst our songs as well. Actually, we had activities for the song “It’s A Beautiful Night” as well. We sing bright and cheerful songs at our concerts as well. However, it seems like the songs with soulful/emotional melodies have been receiving lots of love from everyone. What such songs are there…
JH: The members sing such songs with their emotions so it moves the ones who are listening to these as well.

Q: Oh I see. So please tell us about the album Hard to Love, How to Love Japan Edition that will be on sale this time round. It’s said that this album has been “All made by Beast”, with Junhyung producing the songs and Beast members taking part in the production as well.
JH: It’s not that who has substantially made any part of it, but the album was created with the members’ contribution ideas and suggestions. Amongst the members, Yoseob always came to the studio. He will sing the melodies of the songs that have been completed, and after listening to them, the songs will be rechecked and pondered upon to be adjusted – there were a few cases like that. The other members also listen to the demo versions and give their suggestions. Their comments have been collated and encompassed into the songs in this album.

Q: How is it, producing all the songs?
JH: It was a really tough production.

Q: In Korea, the norm is to receive songs made by the professional songwriters, but this time, did you insist on having (the album) “made by members”?
JH: We have always been singing songs that have been written by songwriters, and this time round, there wasn’t any thoughts to write all the songs personally right from the start. Just as per normal, we listened to the songs written by the various songwriters, but the members preferred the songs that were written by me. The company said they liked the songs and supported the production of this personally produced album that’s all. So, if we like the songs that other songwriters write and have the confidence to sing them well, we will sing their songs in future too.

Q: Alright. Since you’ve made this album yourself this time round, please answer the question and tell us “There’s XXX that I am able to do well personally as well!”.
DW: I’m able to create the mood well! (laughs)
DJ: Ah…. you said that first. If so, cooking! I’m good at cooking!
YS: I don’t have anything that I can make… but I like to draw.
KK: I create/build my body/physique….
JH: I make music.
HS: I like creating/playing with toys.

Q: I know what you guys are good at making. So, let’s talk about the album again. Title of the album is “Hard to Love, How to Love”, so what if you had to translate this title?
DJ: Um… “Love, what is it?”
KK: It’s “What is love?”
JH: Love, why is it so difficult and tough?

Q: I see! The tracks on the album, there are several that depict of the tough scenes of love/dating. Amongst those tracks, what will be the song that (you will choose that) tells “if I’m the subject of the song, it will be difficult.”?
DW: For me, “I’m Sorry.” The lyrics are so sad.
KK: “How to Love”. It’s a song you can listen to comfortably, but if you think about how the guy feels or thinks when he is in love, it is really direct expression of it.
YS: “Shadow”. This songs screams about the pains of love.
DJ: The same for me too!
HS: Me too. Because this song is the representative song of the entire album.

Q: So the main scene of the “Shadow” MV is that scene?
YS: There’s no other than the scene which Junhyung’s eyes changed colour! (all burst into laughter together) As an idol, it’s something no one else has shown and no one else is able to follow/imitate.

Q: Is it a trend in Korea now?
All: -burst into laughter-
KK: It’s not a trend~

Q: The scene where Kikwang acted like an falcon trainer, there was so much force/energy in it. Is that a real falcon?
KK: It’s real. The falcon used on the set is not a wild falcon, but a falcon trained to be kept as a pet, so it was well-behaved. Since it was a falcon, I thought it would be bigger, but when it was on my arm, it was compact sized, so the shooting was easy/comfortable. Having seen it in real life, it was cool.
JH: Additionally, it was a falcon with aegyo**
KK: That’s right. It listened to me well too. So, even though I’m saying it only now, “Thank you, falcon.” (laughs)

Q: Beast will be holding fanmeetings in future and starting the Japan tour in January 2014. Please say something.
KK: Since we have done Zepp tour before, we will work hard to prepare and show a different side that is different from then. And also, Dongwoon will be continuing with his “Cities song” so everyone please look forward to it. It is the first tour after the album goes on sale, so we will show you the cool/suave stages of the songs in the album!

Q: We will look forward to Junhyung’s performance when you sing Shadow too!
All: -bursts into laughter-
JH: I’m practicing it now (bitter laugh), it’s difficult because I’m lacking practice… but though that, if on that day the computer graphics are ready, shall I try it?!

**Aegyo = ability to act cute


Credits: kongkongxd ; xiangie0105
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com
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