[INFO] 131026 Yoseob’s Instagram Update


난이거올렸는데 왜 저사진이 올라갔지?오잉?

[TRANS] I uploaded this but why it came out as that pic?Oing?


잠시만 한번더 체크… 인스타그램이 이상해ㅜ

[TRANS] Wait a minute (let me) check it once again… something strange with instagramㅜ


날씨가 춥습니다. 오늘 저희 응원 와주시는 분들 감기들지 않게 따듯하게 입고 오시고.. 특히 여성팬 여러분들.. 줄서면서 힘들다고 찬바닥에 막 앉지마시고! 여자는 찬데앉으면 안돼용! 조금만 기다려요ㅜㅜ우리가 갈께요! 뿅

[TRANS] The weather is really cold. Those coming today to cheer for us wear warm clothes.. and especially girl fans.. don’t sit on the cold ground while waiting in line because you’re tired! Girls shouldn’t sit down on cold places! Just wait a bitㅜㅜ We’ll go there! Bpyong!


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