[NEWS] 131028 B2ST’s Junhyung embroiled in lawsuit for statements against previous entertainment agency CEO


According to legal circles on the 28th, B2ST’s Junhyung is currently embroiled in a lawsuit for his past statements about his previous entertainment agency CEO on KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win’ which aired back in February 2012.

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According to Chosun Ilbo, back in July 2012, his previous agency’s CEO Mr. Kim filed a lawsuit against KBS for airing a broadcast containing false reports and requested that KBS correct the information they reported based on Junhyung’s word. Junhyung is acting as a testifying witness in the lawsuit and is also being sued by Mr. Kim on the pretext of perjury.

Junhyung had called his relationship with Mr. Kim’s agency a “slave contract,” and said, “After mentioning that I wanted to quit, I was called to a a bar where the president was. He held a broken bottle and asked, ‘Do you want to leave or not?'”

The Seoul Southern District Court decided, “KBS needs to broadcast a refuting report ahead of their programs ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’ and ‘Entertainment Weekly’ letting people know ‘There is no truth to Junhyung’s claim that his previous agency’s president threatened him with a broken bottle.'” As it was hard to prove Junhyung’s words as being true or false, KBS needed to air Mr. Kim’s own story and opinions on the matter.

KBS said in relation to this controversy, “Currently, KBS has appealed the court’s decision . . . In the first trial, it had been confirmed that Junhyung’s remarks could not be seen as a false accusation. In addition, it had been judged that KBS was not the subject of the refuting report so, along with this reason, we are appealing.”

Stay tuned for more information on this latest lawsuit controversy.

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