[INFO] 131103 Yosoeb’s Twitter update

@all4b2uty 공연장 가는 중 입니다! 아직 어제 팬미팅의 여운이 남아있는데..ㅋㅋ그 덕분인지 아직까지 하이텐션이네요! 오늘 화이팅!

[TRANS] @all4b2uty On the way to the theater! There’s still lingering from yesterday’s fanmeeting left..keke Thanks to it, I’m still hyper! Fighting for today!


@all4b2uty 오늘 처음 분장하고..찍은 사진이야요..ㅋㅋ http://t.co/FTPjYbzxEj

[TRANS] @all4b2uty: Made up for the first time today.. A picture I took..ㅋㅋ


@all4b2uty 길고 멋진 말 적다가 포기.. 아됐고, 뷰티 알라뷰 굿나잇!

[TRANS] @all4b2uty Gave up while writing long, amazing words.. Forget it, B2UTY I love you Good night!


Trans: Myb2uty

Shared by: BEASTportugal

Please take out with full credits


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