[INFO] 131209 BEAST’s twitter update

@B2stGK 나는 걱정마시오ㅎㅎ살아 있습니다~~~~일본 잘다녀올께요^-^~~~~~!!!걱정하게 해서 미안해요~~~~뿅!!

[TRANS] @B2stGK Don’t worry about me ㅎㅎ I’m alive~~~~ I’ll go and come back from Japan well^-^~~~~~!!! Sorry for worrying you~~~~ Bbyong!!


@all4b2uty비엔나 소세지를 와구와구 먹고있는줄 알았어 pic.twitter.com/J2sXIOM1t8


[TRANS] @all4b2uty: I thought he was omnomnoming on vienna sausage pic.twitter.com/iv2hkuJfCw


@all4b2uty나도 먹어보자 소세지 pic.twitter.com/NVUFgRWAhV


[TRANS] @all4b2uty: I want to try eating it too, the sausage pic.twitter.com/t2auuBdGN5


@all4b2uty아예 운동을 안할수는 없는 법. 많이 먹고 많이 운동해야징! 여러분도 건강지키세요! pic.twitter.com/Y0z34YKelf

BbCxg1HIQAAY6Lk.jpg large

[TRANS] @all4b2uty: Can’t just stay without exercising. Going to eat a lot and exercise a lot! Everyone take care of your health too!


@beastdw오늘일본에서첫스케쥴끝났어요! 사진은안찍어서없지만 내일 많이올리도록할께요 일본은 한국보다 많이따뜻해요 감기조심하기 곧보자ㅡ

[TRANS] @beastdw: Today we finished Japan’s first schedule! I didn’t take a photo so there’s none but I will try to upload a lot tomorrow. Japan is warmer than Korea. Be careful of the cold. See you soonㅡ


Trans by; yongjunna; dreamboys1016

Shared by: BEASTportugal

Please take out with full credits


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