[INFO] 131212 BEAST Twitter Update




all4b2uty : 가위바위보? 난 가위 낼꺼임. 

all4b2uty : Scissors rock paper? I’m putting scissors out.

beastdw : 한국입니다 꽤 쌀쌀하네요! 잘다녀왔어요^^

beastdw : In Korea, it’s pretty chilly! Came back safely^^

beastdw : 今度は楽しかった? 来年にみなさんともっとあいたい。ありがとう^^

beastdw : Was it much fun this time? Hope that (we) could meet more next year. Thank you^^

B2stGK : 삼십분 뒤면 준형이의 앨범을 들을수있습니다!!!기대되죠??안자고 들어주세요!!!!!!

B2stGK : 30 minutes ago I’ve heard Junhyungie’s album!!! You wait for it, right?? Don’t sleep & please listen to it!!!!!!

all4b2uty : 20분뒤에 용준형 플라워!! 카페인부터 듣고 들어야징.

all4b2uty : 20 minutes left to Yong Junhyung flower!! Will start to listen from Caffeine

beastdw : 준형이형 솔로앨범공개!!플라워는 사실 준형이형솔로계획없을때부터 좋아서 가이드버전받아서 듣고다니던곡..

beastdw : Junhyung Hyungs solo album revealed!!Flower is a song I liked before JH Hyung even had his solo career.I got the Guided ver

all4b2uty : 미안해. 카페인 순위부터 찾아봤어. 축하한다! 주녕아! 진입 좋다!!!

all4b2uty : Sorry. I searched for the ranking of ‘Caffeine’ first. Congrats! Junyeong-ah! Your entrance was great!!!!

all4b2uty : 플라워 대박! 제가 굉장히 탐했던 노래입니다..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

all4b2uty : Flower is great! I had a great ride song..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

all4b2uty : 플라워 들으실때 카페인도 같이 들어주세요. 전 그러고있어요..ㅋㅋㅋ잘께요! 굿나잇!

all4b2uty :When you’re listening to Flower, listen to Caffeine too. I’m doing that.. kekeke sleep well! Goodnight!


G.Na Tweet about Junhyung Solo Debut


ginachoi87 : 비스트 의 용쭌형 @Joker891219 앨범 나왔습니당!^^ 열심히 준비 한 만큼 많은 사랑 부탁드립니당!♥ 플라워 대박 굿! “Anything” feat.지나 도 들어보시길 용ㅋ 화이

ginachoi87 : BEAST’s Yong Jjunhyung @Joker891219’s album has come out!^^ He’s really worked hard on it so please give it lots of love!♥ “FLOWER” is daebak-good! You should also listen to “Anything’ feat. G.NA tooㅋFighting!

ginachoi87 : ♥”@royalGNA: ROYALG.NIs have you checked out BEAST’s @Joker891219’s solo debut mini-album? Isn’t ‘Anything (feat. @ginachoi87)’ SO SO GOOD?”

ginachoi87 : Check it out yayyy hehe “@cubeunited: #BEAST #용준형 솔로 1집 #FLOWER MV
#플라워 #비스트

ginachoi87 : Check it out yayyy hehe “@cubeunited: #BEAST#YongJunhyung‘s first solo mini-album #FLOWER MVhttp://t.co/AWs894ad5u



Credits:yongjunna; thatyongkid; B2UTYMAKASSAR; amazingb2uty; 
Shared by: lau@BEASTportugal.com

Please take out with full credits


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