[INFO] 131213 Junhyung’s Instagram Update


오늘 정말 추워요… 밖에 계신분들은 감기조심!!

[TRANS]Today is really cold…. You guys who stay outside be careful of cold!!



오늘 꽃배달은 잘 받으셨는지요 들 #Flower

[TRANS]I received all the delivered flowers well today, guys


Thanx beauty….

약 40여분 뒤면 이제 알수없는 아티스트가 아니게 될거고 여러분들도 이걸 들으시겠죠 부끄럽지만 떨….

[TRANS]In about 40 minutes, there will be no marked “unknown artist” like now. You guys will listen, right?Although I’m embarrassed, I’m nervous



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