Jang Hyunseung

  • Birth Name: Jang Hyun Seung
  • Nick Name: rancho
  • Date of Birth: Septermber 3, 1989
  • Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Occupations: Singer, dancer
  • Siblings: 1 younger sister Jang Geu Rim
  • Speciality/hobby: Web surfing, beatbox, bowling
  • Education: Anshan Information Indursty High School 
  • Associated acts: B2ST, Trouble Maker ( with HyunA from 4Minute)

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  • Mini Album :

– 2011 : Trouble Maker (with HyunA 4Minute)

Features & OST

Year Date Title Artist Album
2011 05.09 “Loving U” Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yang Yoseob 몽땅 내 사랑 (All My Love) OST
2012 07.03 “나는 나는 음악” (“I Am, I’m Music”) Jang Hyunseung for Mozart! Musical
2013 01.03 “일년전에” (“One Year Ago”) Jang Hyunseung, Jung Eunji, and Kim Namjoo ‘A CUBE’ FOR SEASON #WHITE
  • Musical career:

– 2012: Mozart!

  • Filmography :

– 2009 : MTV B2ST TV

– 2010 : MTV Beast Almighty

– 2010 : MBC Idol Maid

– 2011 : Exciting Cube TV

– 2012: KBS2 Win Win

– 2012: KBS2 Invincible Youth 2

  • Awards

– 2012: Mnet 20’s Choice Awards – Hot Performance Star with Hyuna

– 2012: 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards – Best Collaboration Performance with Hyuna

– 2012: 4th Melon Music Awards – Hot Trend Song

Quotes & Facts

  • “BEAST is a family and I do love BEAST”
  • “Lately, I’ve been feeling like time is gold. 2 hours just flew up in the air……..my unfortunate time”
  • “Happy New Year! Get a lot of luck in the new year and be healthy”
  • “Never give up. Look forward to the future, and don’t give a damn about haters”
  • (thinks of his anti’s) “one day, antis will switch sides, it’ll be okay
  •  he was shy and with a fierce red face, he told them he’ll give her two of the sausages. he then created ‘the sausage scandal’ [They had sausages (4) and Doojoon was given two of them. The MCs teased him and told him to exchange it for Yuri noona’s number.]
  •  “i always see the fans cheers for us, that’s why i force myself as gratitude”
  • “.. And I hope you’ve lost some weight when you get back!”  (Doojoon’s Message Before Trip to Cambodia)
  • “Hey! Follow me! Right now, you can`t lose me.”  (MTV B2ST Almighty Ep 1)
  • “Please love “B2ST ALMIGHTY” a lot~”  (B2ST Almighty ep7)
  • “Real time chatting fan service! keke”
  • “If you make me do weird things, I’m really going to catch a taxi and run away.”  (MTV B2ST Almighty Ep 8 )
  • “Ah! Oh My God. Oh My God. Oh…My God.” (B2ST Almighty Episode 6)
  •  “By laying a wet towel over your head, it doesn’t form eye crusties in your eyes once you wake up ^^ keke”
  •  “Doojoon appeared, with nothing on!” (MTV B2ST BTS 86)
  •  “I respect Usher and Omarion so much that no matter how busy I am, I’ll always watch their videos and my dancing has been influenced by them a lot. So I want to be able to put on a performance where I can perform like them.”
  •  “It’s fine to call me a male god, because it’s 100 times better than calling me a goddess!”
  • “Personally I don’t really like being called beautiful. And I think after I cut my hair, I don’t hear people saying that I look beautiful often. That is good for me. It’s kind of complex for me.”
  •  “Through long years as a trainee, all of our skills are even. We’re often envied by others, because we don’t have a flawed member in our group.”
  • “See the cars~ See the house~”
  •  “You didn’t die on the way here?” – Hyunseung to Kikwang – PKL Starry Night
  • “Kikwang: I think I’m the least funny out of the 6.  HyunSeung: No, I’m the least funny. Really.”
  • “Wow, I never thought he’d be such a goofball.” – Hyunseung about Yoseob (The Star Interview)
  • “Please give each of us a solo song~!”
  • “i’m the quiet person in the team and i’m the sleppyhead in the team.. …all i care is about sleeping”
  •  “Junhyung: Hey, don’t talk informally!” – Junhyung to Hyunseung (MTV B2ST Almighty Ep 1)
  • “Hello my babies who never harm me when i keep them in my eyes kekeke”
  • “We will also go if there’s a letter from Africa.”(BEAST Almighty Ep. 2)
  • “Junhyung loves songwriting so much, sometimes he changes our lyrics and puts in his own words!”
  • “A youth going through a hard time after breaking up, gaining encouragement from the true taste of curry, and walking out of his misery.”
  • “I like a girl that ties her hair up prettily like a princess.”
  • “Whether it was to grow through talents, hardwork or friendship – Becoming brothers makes me happy.”
  • “When I’m quiet, I’m quiet. When I’m fooling around, I can cause a havoc”
  • “Sometimes we found out that the bathroom door is locked for ages. It must be Doojoon hyung who is taking selcas.”
  • “Men are sexiest after they sweat it out after dancing on stage.”
  • “My hair concept is…. Tetris.”
  • “I was scared of Junhyung when we first met. He looked mysterious and gave me scary stares.”
  • “Doojoon doesn’t clean at our dorm.”
  • “If you give up just because something is difficult, then exactly what in this world isn’t difficult? It’s not over yet, I believe, as you have to believe that you will make it- wake up smiling and then practice again”
  • “BEAST is the family I’ve always wanted. I love them.”
  • “Very naughty. He is a real man and is really reliable, but he is delicate too.” -Hyunseung on Yoseob
  • “A girl who has eyelids on her small face, big eyes, and a cat-like face is my ideal.”
  • “I thought a lot about how if someone is missing from the group, we can’t perform as a group.”

♥ likes the attention from fans
♥ dongwoon continued saying that Hyunseung’s alarm clock ended up waking all the members up, execept for Hyunseung, w ho was still fast asleep
♥ “Hyunseung hyung was looking for food to be serve, but he got off the KTX not looking very pleased” [laughs] (Dongwoon said this)
♥ Hyunseung (while in LA) tugged Junhyung to go into a hat store
♥ Hyunseung once exchanged soft drinks to water in the fridge. He was worried about the boys health, due to practicing
♥ (goes with the junhyung breathing problem joke) followed after Junhyung and said that his vision is blocked because of his hair
♥ Hyunseung is naturally skinny, even though he’s a junk food fanatic
♥ during their debut days, their mission was to make Hyunseung gain weight
♥ because he was so hungry, Hyunseung drew himself with glasses and a hungry expression
♥ Hyunseung makes a special day and calls it, “pizza day”
♥ in the waiting room, whenever you go and see Hyunseung, he’ll always be in the middle of eating something
♥ Hyunseung speaks with eye contact to his fans
♥ Yoseob called Hyunseung into BEAST
♥ Hyunseung’s likes to wear scarfs and neckwear, especially in winter and fall – the scarfs come in handy to him
♥when hyunseung wants to board the bus/car, but was blocked by the vast number of fans, hyunseung chicly said: “excuse me…” fans immediately made way for him to pass.
♥K-fans named Hyunseung, The Eye Prince cos his feelings are always unpredictable. Also, he always communicate through his glowing eyes.
♥Hyunseung loves to mix-match classic and sporty clothes together.
♥Hyunseung’s Kfans call themselves 란덕 or Ran-duk. Ran comes from Rancho and duk comes from a Korean word that means”otaku”.
♥-Hyunseung says he could entrust Yoseob with his younger sister since Yoseob has the least interactions with women
♥-Seo Taiji and Boys had inspired Hyunseung to form an idea of becoming a singer. He thought it was “inspirational”.
♥Hyunseung wants to do R&B
♥-Hyunseung thinks music takes time. “It is something you need a lifetime to complete.”
♥Hyunseung wanted to get a tattoo when Junhyung was getting one. However, his company didn’t allow him.
♥Hyunseung has his own ways in taking care of his throat. He drink pear juice in every two days to maintain his voice/throat
♥When Hyunseung is stressed. he just wants to be left alone.
♥Hyunseung’s method of working: Work to the best of your ability, rest (for a long time) to the best of your ability. Members questioned Hyunseung’s concerning method but laughed it off.
“Hyunseung will, no joke, rest to the best of his ability.”
♥Members called Hyunseung “Prince Jang” because he is a
perfectionist. “I just pursue that if anything is perfect, there is no
♥”Hyunseung has a pair of eyes that is as beautiful as his singing.”
-Big Bang Docu Ep 1
♥-Hyunseung watches what he eats very carefully. He realised he had to lessen his portions due to the pain when he was exercising.
♥Hyunseung’s ideal ‘dating’ place is a bowling alley. “When me or her strike, we can have a victory hug.” – Hyunseung
♥Jang Hyun Seung’s sister name is Jang Geu Rim
♥Hyunseung messed up his lyrics twice during the mission in MTV B2ST Documentary
♥On a radio show, the members revealed that Hyunseung only had one girlfriend in his whole life.
♥Hyunseung says Doojoon was easy to get close to when they met. “He’s definitely the best choice for a leader.”



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