Son Dongwoon

  • Stage Name : Dong Woon (동운) 
  • Birth Name : Son Dong Woon (손동운)
  • Nick Name(s) : Sonseuko, 16 D 
  • Date of Birth : June 6, 1991
  • Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea
  • Heigth : 181 cm
  • Weight : 64 kg
  • Blood Type : A
  • Position : Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper
  • Occupations : Singer, dancer
  • Associated acts : B2ST
  • Siblings : 1 older brother Song Dong Ha
  • Specialty/Hobby : Reading, writing lyrics
  • Education : Konkuk University (Image and Film) 

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Singles :

– 2010:  Udon (with Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung)

– 2012: In the Cloud

  • Musical Career:

– 2012: Catch me if you can

  • Filmography

– 2009: MTV B2ST

– 2010: MTV Beast Almighty

– 2010: Idol Maid

– 2010: SHIN PD Variety Show

– 2011: Exciting Cube TV

– 2012: KBS2 2 Win Win

– 2012: KBS2 Invincible Youth 2

Quotes & Facts

  • “When I was born, I never placed first in anything. Even through school and quitting on being a trainee. I only knew of failure in my head. I didn’t come this for placing 1st, but thanks to everyone, it makes me feel better and able to put the negative thoughts aside”
  • “A girl looks sexiest when she wears an over sized men’s shirt”
  • “He always treats warmly everyone around him” (About Junhyung)
  • Q: What is the capital of Arabia? Dongwoon: Son Dongwoon
  • Dongwoon: Are you ready?!?!?! B2UTIES: ASDFGHJKL, YEAH!! Dongwoon: But I’m not ready, I need to drink water first.
  • “The darkest time of the day is right before the sun rises. That’s Son Dongwoon’s life motto”
  • Q: If you were a girl, what would be your occupation? Dongwoon: A princess
  • “Since my skin wasn’t in a good condition, I put some trouble makeup” -Dongwoon (Joke on Trouble Maker)
  • “In Korea, I’m the coolest”

♥ bernard werber is dongwoon’s favorite author
♥ “i think Dongwoon draws pretty stars” (Kikwang said this)
♥ at the time of debut, Dongwoon’s fashion sense was beyond the attention of other members
♥ took the title ‘tall god’ as he is 181 centimeters tall
♥ Dongwoon is nice to the camera crew
♥ states if he doesn’t get into WGM he would want to experience fake marriage life with an older woman
♥ once Yoseob fell asleep on Dongwoon’s shoulder. However, he was not woken up and Dongwoon ended up sitting there until his hyung woke up
♥ Dongwoon likes to read fan letters
♥ In MTV B2ST Documentary ep 1, Dongwoon’s entrance into Beast already been decided but he need to reenacted for that episode
♥Everyday without fail, Dongwoon would organize fan-letters and gave out to the individual members for them to read theirs.
♥Dongwoon’s father, Son Illak, is a professor of international manners for hotel administration at Cheongju University.



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