Yang Yoseob

  • Stage Name : Yo Seob (요섭)
  • Birth Name : Yang Yo Seob (양요섭)
  • Nick Name(s) : Yang yo (양요), endorphins, siksin
  • Date of Birth : January 5, 1990
  • Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea
  • Heigth : 174 cm
  • Weight : 56 kg
  • Blood Type : B
  • Position : Main Vocalist
  • Occupations : Singer, dancer
  • Associated acts : B2ST
  • Siblings : 1 older sister Yang Hae Yeon
  • Specialty/Hobby : Writing lyrics, beatbox, jalmeokgi
  • Education : University of East Broadcasting Arts

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  • Mini Album:

– 2012: The First Collage

  • Singles:

– STILL I (그래도 나는)

– DO AS YOU BEEN DOING (하던 대로 해)


– Caffeine

–  YOU DON’T KNOW (그대는 모르죠)

  • Soundtrack appearances and Solo Performances :

– 2010 : Happy Birthday (More Charming by the Day OST)

– 2010 : First Snow And First Kiss (with Dalmatian’s Drama)

– 2011 : What I Want To Do Once I Have A Lover (with Gayoon 4Minute)

– 2011 : Cherish That Person (My Princess OST)

– 2011 : I Remember (with Bang Yong Gook)

– 2011 : No (Poseidon OST)

– 2011 : Dreaming (I’m a Flower, Too OST) (with Dong Woon & Jun Hyung)

– 2012: Love Day ( A Cube For Season) ( with Eunji Apink)

– 2012: Hateful Person (BIG OST)

– 2013: Perfume ( with Cube Girls)

– 2013: Bye Bye Love ( When a man falls in love OST) ( with Dongwoon & BTOB)

  • Filmography :

– 2009 : MTV B2ST

– 2010 : MTV Beast Almighty

– 2010 : MBC Idol Maid

– 2011 : KBS Oh! My School

– 2011 : Musical Kwang Hwa Moon Love Song

– 2011 : KBS Immortal Song 2

– 2011 : MNet Japan Exciting Cube TV

– 2012: KBS2 Win Win

– 2012: KBS Invincible Youth 2

– 2012: KBS Gag Concert

-2012: MNET Voice Kids

Awards :

– 2012: Musical Rising Star Award ( 2011 Golden Ticket Awards)

  • Music awards :

– 2012.12.14:  ‘Caffeine’  ( Music Bank)

– 2012.12.20: ‘Caffeine’ ( MCountdown)

– 2012.12.21: ‘Caffeine’  ( Music Bank)

– 2012.12.27: ‘Caffeine’ ( MCountdown)

– 2013.01.03: ‘Caffeine’ Triple Crown (MCountdown)

Quotes & Facts

  • “People who challenge them are beautiful. You can make it. Fighting!”
  • “I like singing live. I’m actually very confident and I want to give the best for my fans”
  • “I’ve finally realized that being #1 isn’t everything. If we’re not satisfied, do you think fans will be as well? In order to leave nothing amiss on stage, we practice and practice”
  • “Why do people take notice of first snowfalls but not the last day of snow? Remember the last too”
  • “Care, Protect, Love, Trust. Always keep smiling”
  • Q: What do you do on a date?Yoseob: Me? I don’t date, I can’t
  • “Age is not important in relationship” *YOSEOB AYO KAWEEEEEEEEN*
  • “Light Yo, Fire Seop”
  • “B2UTIES love B2ST. If you are jealous, tell me, I will love you”
  • “I think our success is because of me. I’m cute!”
  • “B2UTY~ Let’s be happy for a long time”

♥ Yoseob spent his Children Day replying to B2UTIES on his YOZM
♥ Yoseob has a habbit of beat boxing while sleeping (hyunseung revealed that)
♥ Yoseob thanked Doojoon and Kikwang who get lots of attention and because of that BEAST gets recognized more
♥ nickname earned ‘mischievous god’
♥ Yoseob use to wake Junhyung up by standing by his bed singing and dancing (hyunah change song)
♥ Yoseob said that he is not cute, but after knowing the members, it was like he was trained to be cute
♥ Yoseob mentions they only have one video game
♥ Yoseob expressed a lot of feelings towards Doojoon, saying that if Doojoon wasn’t in BEAST then BEAST wouldn’t exist
♥ Yoseob searches for himself online and asks the other members to do the same
♥ Yoseob doesn’t get embarrassed when he performs, instead he makes the best out of it
♥ Yoseob says his manly side is disappearing
♥yoseob was angry after a fight with his sister. he placed sands inside his sister’s shoes and tell on her: “mum! looks like sister skipped lesson to play~”
♥yoseob forgot it was april fools’ day. when he saw hyunseung’s pictures on his fanpage, he went “ahhh… i’m dead… my fans have became hyunseung’s…”
♥during primary school, yoseob’s parents were called to school as he exposed the fact that his teacher was wearing wig…
♥when yoseob was about to fall down on the stage, he grabbed doojoon’s pants, putting it down and revealed doojoon’s underwear. (=.=ll) the other members burst into laughter at the back. yoseob quickly fled, but an angered doojoon caught up with him and attacked yoseob’s butt with his knees (i dont know what’s the word for 臀踢-.-ll)
♥yoseob was awed when gikwang showed his muscles. gikwang therefore asked him to try hanging on it, but yoseob fell within 0.3 seconds
♥one day a fan passed yoseob a stack A4 papers, “oppa! this is beast’s fanfic. please take a look”. as yoseob was all smiley when he reads it, doojoon: “what’s so interesting? let me read it too” and snatched it. afterwhich he did not talk a single word with junhyung nor yoseob for a week… because it was a junseob fic.
♥subsequently, another fan gave yoseob a fanfic. doojoon furiously commented why is it a fanfic again… its another junseob fanfic… yoseob smiled when he accepted the fanfic and gave the fan a 90 degree bow.
♥Yoseob was once known as the ‘Church Oppa’.
♥Yoseob might only feel full after eating one bowl of rice, ramyun and 7 sausages.



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