Yong Junhyung

  • Stage Name : Jun Hyung (준형), Joker, Poppin’ Dragon
  • Birth Name : Yong Jae Soon
  • Nick Name(s) : Yonggun
  • Date of Birth : December 19, 1989
  • Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea
  • Heigth : 179 cm
  • Weight : 64 kg
  • Blood Type : O
  • Position : Main Rapper
  • Occupations : Singer, dancer, rapper
  • Associated acts : B2ST
  • Siblings : 1 younger brother Yong Jun Sung
  • Specialty/Hobby : Dancing, writing lyrics, watching movies
  • Education : Anyang Arts High School

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Music Collaborations :

2009: Heart Damage – Gayoon feat. Jun Hyung
2010: My Story “Thanks to” – Jun Hyung & Yang Yo-seob Beast
2009: Wiping the Tears – AJ feat. Jun Hyung & Doojoon
2010: Change – Hyuna & Jun Hyung
2011: Don’t Act Countrified” – ALi & Jun Hyung
2011: A Bitter Day – Hyuna feat. Jun Hyung & G.NA
2011: Come Back – Navi feat. Jun Hyung
2011: Silly Boy – 015B feat. Jun Hyung & 4Minute
2011: Heart Aching Story -Wheesung feat. Jun Hyung
2012: Good Boy – Baek Ji Young feat. Jun Hyung
2012: Up To The Sky – A Pink feat. Jun Hyung
2012: What I See – PREPIX feat. Jun Hyung & Beenzino
2012: I Hate You -Eru feat. Jun Hyung
2012: She’s Bad – Natthew feat. Jun Hyung
2012: Caffeine – Yang Yo-seob feat. Jun Hyung

2013: You Got Some Nerve – Junhyung, Feeldog ( Big Star) & LE (Exid)

2013: Glass Heart – LYn feat. Yong Junhyung

Solo Activities :

2012:  Living without you ( Digital Single)


2012: “The First Collage” – Yoseob’s debut album

2013: “Hard to Love, How to Love” BEAST 2nd Full Album


2009: MTV B2ST Documentary
2010: MTV Beast Almighty
2010: Idol Maid
2010: SHIN PD Variety Show
2011: Exciting Cube TV
2012: Salamander Guru (cameo appearance)
2012: Win Win
2012: Invincible Youth 2

2013: MNET Drama Monstar ( as Yoon Seol-chan)

  • Music Videos

Year Album Title Title Duration Artist
2010 Draw G’s First Breath “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” 03:31 G.NA feat. Jun Hyung & Yoon Doo-joon
Change “Change” 03:48 Hyuna feat. Jun Hyung
2011 Be Quiet “Be Quiet” 03:15 Kim Wan Sun feat. Jun Hyung
First Story “Hello” 03:48 Huh Gak
2012 Good Boy “Good Boy” 03:45 Baek Ji Young feat. Jun Hyung
Feel Brand New Part 2 “I Hate You” 03:55 Eru feat. Jun Hyung
New Natthew Project “She’s Bad” 03:58 Natthew feat. Jun Hyung
The First Collage “Caffeine” 03:37 Yang Yo-seob feat. Jun Hyung
2013 어이없네 “어이없네” (“You Got Some Nerve”) 03:38 Jun Hyung & FeelDog & LE

Quotes & Facts

  • “p/s Hyunseung is jjang (darum post) wonder why? but still he is jjang!”
  • “koreans live from rice” (Junhyung’s first post on in their darum cafe)
  • “Don’t talk. Because of you, I keep getting edited out.” (Junhyung to Dongwoon)
  • “”My Precious?!””
  • “Even though I have a bad personality, and I complain a lot I’m grateful for the members accepting it so maturely.”
  • “Yah, Don’t press the curry too hard. Because we`re going to refund it after filming…” (To Dongwoon about the curry) (B2ST Almighty Ep 03)
  • “I don’t interact well with kids”
  • “…But actually i prefer bad girl, nice girls are good, but i think bad girls have their appeal too…””
  • “JunHyung: “The kids..” -Says hi to a boy- “See.. Totally ignored me.” -Says hi twice to a girl behind him- “Ignoring me.. Seriously.””
  • “I uh, this is red lips Yong Junhyung.”
  • “Actually, I’m saying this because he’s not here… But he actually has really low standards! Strangely low standards, really!” – Junhyung about Kikwang’s ideal type (The Star Interview)
  • “I really like it when people say that we are a team without any holes.”
  • “*high pitched* YEOBO!!”
  • “People who don’t need sleep shouldn’t sleep then.”
  • “junhyung : “yoseob didn’t do anything wrong~ it’s all my fault..””
  • “The best part is that we can eat altogether in the living room…”
  • “Receiving the “Newcomer’s Award” is BEAST’s dream.”
  • “Before, our living quarters felt more of a place to just sleep at. But now I can actually rest. It feels like home.”
  • “Don’t take it out when there are people looking! There’s panties and everything. What’s your problem?” – Junhyung to Yoseob (MTV B2ST BTS 13)
  • “As for the tattoo, I didn’t get it because I needed it for our concept or fashion, but I had just wanted one for a long time.”
  • “*looking into the camera* Wowww, being a celebrity is easier than I thought!”
  • “The Yoon Doojoon at our dorm is someone who plays soccer wearing only his underwear.”
  • “A strong man doesn’t mind getting down on his knees.”
  • “Noona, our bodies don’t belong to us, they belong to our fans~”
  • “my ‘mother-in-law’ (kikwang) and ‘daughter’ (hyunseung) are the big babies.. we just have to take extra care of them..”
  • “Usually, since my hands aren’t pretty, I don’t put accessories on my hands. But now that I’ve put them on… they seem pretty nice….” – Junhyung about his rings (MTV B2ST Ep 6)
  • “I recently did a video interview and Doojoon told me to lift up both hands and feet and then said, “He can’t count the number of girls he has dated even with all his fingers and toes!””
  • “When I wore sunglasses while I was dancing, it would come down and cover up my nose. Before it was hard, because of the breathing problems, but now I’m so happy that I got to take it off.”
  • “Don’t talk. Because of you, I keep getting edited out.” – Junhyung to Dongwoon (MTV B2ST BTS)
  • “It’s so bothersome that I have to become the leader if Doojoon leaves.”
  • “BEAST…goes to their schedule…by truck!”
  • “Yes, hello! Currently in charge of nagging, this is Yong Junhyung, and raps on the side.”
  • “We planned to go karaoke, but this bas- I mean, Hyunseung didn’t want to go!”
  • “I said that it’s best if it is mouth-to-mouth instead of using an oxygen mask. I’ve said that many times but she’s too young so i got rejected”
  • “I have met more girls than these guys have. And such experiences help in writing lyrics. The more you know about love, it helps in singing and creation.”
  • “Right now, Lee Ki Kwang and Yoon Doo Joon are active in variety programs, but all six of us are talented and are really funny.”
  • English teacher: When was the last time you study English? Junhyung: ??? Huh? What? kkk~”
  • “I really hate two-faced people, it’s hard to choose which face to slap first.”
  • “We’ve been attached to each other so much that our outside social life is almost non-existent.”
  • “Becoming a singer wasn’t my dream from the start. In the end, I chose to become a singer.”
  • “Altho the impression is that I’m full of charisma and swagger on stage, in actual fact I’m just a gentleman.”

♥ picky about the bathroom, “It’s a place of hygiene, so it must be kept clean”
♥ each of the members have a different color toothbrush and so Junhyuung l ikes to rearrange them according to the rainbow
♥ he makes sure that there is enough shampoo to be used weekly and makes sure they never run out of shaving cream
♥ Junhyung is actually really cute and tactful when off stage, on stage he shows a more serious and charismatic image
♥ second laziest to get out of bed
♥ Junhyung funs around the house and goes up to the members whispering while starring at them “I’m the Joker”
♥ liks how there is enough space for them to eat together, interact together and communicate together
♥ calls dongwoon and doojoon “affectionate idiots”
♥ one time Junghyung hadn’t return to his home in quite sometime, his dog couldn’t recognize him
♥ everyday, he would be hogging the computer. until very late, he will only go to sleep
♥ Junhyung said that none of BEAST members have the personalities to approach a women first
♥ earned the ‘hip-hop minded god’ title
♥ he said that during a performance, his sunglasses came down and covered his nose. he jokingly said he had breathing problems
♥ instead of singing int he shower, Junhyung raps in the shower
♥a fan uploaded MTV B2ST (or is there a MTV beat???) junhyung cuts on beast official cafe. junhyung replied, “junhyung oppa is so handsome, suave!!”
♥junhyung originally specialises in B-boy. after dislocating his shoulders the 3rd time, he switched to popping…
♥Junhyung blamed Dongwoon as the reason to why he used to get edited out on screens.
♥The thoughts of quitting had few times crossed Junhyung’s mind. However, because of his strong passion towards music, he started to evolve a “this or nothing at all” perspective.
♥Junhyung admits that G-Dragon is one of the person he looks up most to.
♥Yong Sama & Yongjun are among Junhyung’s most popular nicknames. Yong Junhyung was misheard as ‘Yongjun hyung’ by some of the fans. That was how the name Yongjun came up.
♥Junhyung always wants to be with BEAST. Apparently, he can’t be separated from the other members for more than a week



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