Yoon Doojoon

  • Birth Name : Yoon Doo Joon (윤두준)
  • Nick Name(s) : 3 second sharing
  • Date of Birth : July 4, 1989
  • Place of birth : Seoul, South Korea
  • Heigth : 180 cm
  • Weight : 67 kg
  • Blood Type : APosition : Leader, Rapper, Vocalist
  • Occupations : Singer, dancer, rapper, actor
  • Siblings : 1 older sister Yoon Doo Ri
  • Specialty/Hobby : Vocal, listening music, rap, soccer, playing games
  • Education : Kyung Hee Cyber University

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  • Productions

Year Contribution Title Artist Album
2009 Lyrics “Bad Girl” BEAST BEAST IS THE B2ST
2010 Lyrics “문이닫히면” (“When the Door Closes”) BEAST (Doojoon & Dongwoon) My Story
  • Features & OST songs

Year Date Title Artist Album
2011 03.28 “본 아뻬띠 (맛있게 드세요)”(“Bon Appetit (Enjoy Your Meal)”) Yangpa feat. Yoon Doojoon Elegy Nouveau
04.29 “안을까 말까” (“Should I Hug or Not”) Of BEAST (Doojoon, Junhyung, & Kikwang) SUPER MARKET – the Half(Shinsadong Tiger Project Album)
05.09 “Loving U” Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yang Yoseob 몽땅 내 사랑 (All My Love) OST
06.09 “키덜트” (“Kidult”) Eluphant feat. Yoon Doojoon Man On The Earth
  • Music Videos :

– Wipe the Tears (with Jun Hyung) – Gi Kwang

– I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better (with Jun Hyung) – G.Na

  • Radio Show :

– MBC Radio FM4U 91.9Mhz Chin Chin Radio (with IU)

  • Filmography :

– 2008 : Mnet Hot Blooded Men

– 2009 : MTV B2ST

– 2010 : MTV Beast Almighty

– 2010 : MBC Idol Maid

– 2010 : MBC Danbi

– 2010 : MBC More Charming By The Day

– 2010 : MBC All My Love

– 2011 : Mnet Japan Exciting Cube TV

– 2011 : MBC A Thousand Kisses ( as Yoon Ki-joon)

– 2012: KBS Win Win

– 2012: SBS Running Man

– 2012: KBS2 Invincible Youth 2

– 2013: Iris2 ( as Seo Hyun Woo)

  • Awards : 

– 2010 : MBC Entertainment Awards : Rookie Comedy Awards

Quotes & Facts

  • “Whether it rains or snows, we love you B2uties.”
  • “Beast will fly to anywhere that has music.”
  • “He’s very good looking even from my perspective as a guy.”   [ About DongWoon ]
  • “Everyone hard work. Be happy in the new year! Peace!”
  • “He is unusual, in a good sense. Because he has a different point of view than the other people.” [ About HyunSeung ]
  • “I will not be able to do anything for the entire day if there’s a slight mistake right from the start of the day.”
  • “These days I’m in charge of cuteness. Because.. I felt like I should do something.”
  • “Rather than dark makeup, I prefer a no-makeup face. And if her no-makeup face is cute, my heart will flutter.”
  • “Until the day we reach the top, we will be fire in your hearts. We love you”
  • “If I had a girlfriend, I want go with her to England and watch Manchester United’s match together. Even if she isn’t interested in soccer, if she is trying to have fun together or showing a face making an effort, I think I’ll like her even more.”
  • “I want for us to be like this for a long time. This is what I tell the members all the time, “Let’s have fun together as long as we can.”
  • “I’m always thinking of ways to make sure that all of us are able to get along and overcome challenges together. Thankfully we have been lucky enough to pull through together.”
  • “Hello, I am BEAST’s leader, Doojoon. I am BEAST’s father.”
  • “Whether it rains or snows, we love you B2uties!”
  • “We can’t be under the shade when B2UTIES are in the sun.”
  • Things that I can’t tell my family, I tell these guys (Beast) everything
  • “I guess I have that ‘love at first sight’ style.”
  • “I’m babo, you’re babo. Everybody babo. Yeah~”
  • “I discovered that only when all six of us are together we can be a truly an impressive group”

♥One of doojoon’s nicknames was General 

 Couldn’t sleep when Hyunseung, Kikwang, Dongwoon, and 4minute Gayoon and Jiyoon were about to take their college entrance exams 

 Has a habbit of throwing things aroudnt he step, around the corridor and the main door 

 If you hear head-bagging in the night, that would be doojoon / he bangs his head agains the top of the bed while sleeping 

 Doojoon states that they can’t even dream bout it(BEAST and 2NE1 together) 

Doojoon has neat handwriting, he said he won an award for neat handwriting while he was still in school 

Doojoon has a crush on Sung Yuri from Fink.K.L 

Doojoon said once Yoseob acted cute towards him, Junhyung followed after batting his eyelids and smiling making aegyo sounds 

Doojoon, when he finds a pretty place, or when he is bord, pulls out his phone to take selcas 

Doojoon said once he called Kikwang up and he rolled off his bed onto the floor, instead of getting up properly 

 He was aked by the interviewer to show is ‘cutness’ which after he did, he made the other members want to walk away 

 Out of all the members Doojoon loves to go online the most 

Doojoon double checks with problems, even when they are solved 

♥Doojoon was out with ok taecyeon when he was still a trainee under jyp. at the time, ok taecyeon was experiencing high popularity and fans only crowded around ok taecyeon. a bored doojoon therefore started to dig his nose (-.-ll), when he turned to face eye to eye with that fan. doojoon was speechless. that fan was also speechless. 

 A fan brought a bag of 왕꿈틀이for doojoon during fansign. doojoon awkwardly smiled and rejected her kind offer. seeing the fans disappointed reaction, doojoon: errr weve 3 boxes of 왕꿈틀이in our dorm…” 

♥Doojoon originally wanted to make chicken porridge for dongwoon when he was down with a cold. however, he ordered fried chicken in the end as he didnt know how to cook it 

♥When beast upgraded to a better dorm, doojoon phoned his mum and excitedly told her, “the dorm’s living room is so huge to the point that i can play soccer in it!” 

A fan gave doojoon a bread and asked him to pass to yoseob. doojoon: yoseob doesnt eat bread and then, ate it 

Doojoon was ranked top as the male celebrity with a good body figure on Sixth Sense along with After School’s Gahee as the female celebrity chosen. 

Doojoon does not believe in quitting after a failure. 



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